The Library & Information Centre was present at the commencement of the college. The Library & Information centre services given since 1991. The Library is like a heart of the college. It plays an important role in the result and performance of the college. Our Library had best Librarians from the starting. Till now had three Librarians. Among them except first Librarian, other two had done Graduation from Master of Library & Information Science Department, Kuvempu University.

Even the present Librarian has done the post Graduation in Library & Information Science and work experience in Post Graduate Centre Library, Shivagagothri, Kuvempu University, Davangere. He is having good knowledge regarding the Library & Information Department.

As an essential teaching and research laboratory, the Library emphasizes instruction , reference services, on site and remote access to information in print and electronic formats, development of information literacy, and management of collections, The Library provides resources and supports for the colleges major functions – teaching, research, creativity and community services. Library in the heart of the college. Our Library was established in 1991. It is also accommonded sections such as stocks, textbooks and circulation, periodical, references and reading room sections besides special sections for donated books. At present the Library has in the its stock 5500 books, 300 Dissertations, 1000 Donated Books, 25 Back Volumes, apart from reports, Project reports etc, covering a wide variety of subject books, it also receives 16 National and 1 International Journals of different subjects to facilitate current reading. Individual special collection of ISID, RBI, INSDOC, Economic Survey and other publications, these publications have been useful to Researcher from all department.



The library functions as an integral part of the college. The objectives of the library are

  • To build up a comprehensive and up to date need based collection of books, journals and other non-book materials like CD’s etc in the disciplines taught and researched in our college.
  • To organize the conventional and non-conventional information sources in the systematic manner in order to provide efficient and prompt services to the end users.
  • To disseminate information by issuing documentation lists and other Current Awareness Services for the benefit of teachers, researchers and students to keep them updated with the latest developments in their areas of their interest.
  • To support the academic programmes offered ad curriculum requirements of the users.
  • To promote the reading habits of students and faculty of the college.
  • To support the educational, cultural activities of the college.
  • To enter in to an arena of Information Communication Technology using Computer applications for quick and speedy information storage and retrieval.
  • To join resources sharing activities of UGC through Network resource centers.
  • To provide consortium of UGC IINFLIBNET N-list programme to access more than 2100 e-Journals, & 51000 e-books.